Privacy Policy

Politics of privacy

 All its collected personal information, will be used to help it to become its visit in our possible most productive and pleasant site.
The ensure of the confidentiality of the personal data of the users of our site is important for the Funtrónica.
All relative the personal information the members, subscribers, customers or visitors who use the Funtrónica will be dealt with in agreement with the Law of the Protection of Personal dated of 26 October of 1998 (Law n.º 67/98).
The collected personal information can include its name, email, number of telephone and/or phone, dwelling, date of birth and/or others.
The use of the site Funtrónica estimates the acceptance of this Agreement of privacy. Ours the right equips is reserved it to modify this agreement without advance warning. In this way, we recommend that it consults ours politics of privacy with form regularity to be always brought up to date.

The announcements

 As other websites, we collect and we use information contained in the announcements. The information contained in the announcements, includes its address IP (Internet Protocol), its ISP (Internet Service Provider, as the sapo, Clix, or another one), browser that it used when visiting our website (as the Internet Explorer or the Firefox), the time of its visit and that pages visited inside of our website.

Linking the Sites of third

The Funtrónica have linking for other sites, which, ours to see, can contain information/useful tools for our visitors. Ours privacy politics is not applied the sites of third, for what, in case that visits another site from ours must read the politics of privacy of the same.
In them we do not make responsible for the politics of privacy or present content in these same sites.